Information for participants in English

Here you can find some important participant information in English. For any further questions, please contact our office.

Citroën Naisten Kymppi information desk 
If you have any questions related to Naisten Kymppi on the event weekend, you can visit the information desk on the event area, Olympiastadioninaukio. The desk is open on Saturday (29.5.) 10-15.

It is possible to sign up for Naisten Kymppi online until the event day and also registration is possible on the event day at the Naisten Kymppi information desk. The information desk is open on Saturday 10-15.

The participant package
If you have ordered the package via mail, the package should have arrived to you by 18.5. If you chose to pick up the package at the event area, you can pick it up during the opening hours of information desk. Packages won’t be send to participants registered after 31.3.

The participant bracelet
Please wear the participant bracelet that is included in the participant materials on event day. If you are not able to participate to Naisten Kymppi after all, you can give the bracelet to substitutive participant.

Naisten Kymppi T-shirt
If you need to change the size of your  T-shirt (XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL), it is possible during the opening hours of information desk.

Insurance during the run
All participants who are covered under the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme of Finland (Kela) are insured during the run on Saturday 29.5.2021. Please save all the receipts, if you need medical care due to accident on Naisten Kymppi route in order to request compensation.

First aid
Finnish Red Cross is providing first aid on the event area and on the route. In severe accidents, please call 112 immediately.

Baggage storage
You can leave your belongings (not valuables) to the baggage storage located on the event area for the charge of 3€. The belongings will be first put to a big plastic bag (one per participant) and then you will bring the bag to the staff.

There are lot of toilets on the event area. Please note that the queues are the longest approximately half an hour before the start. There are toilets on the route as well.

Starting groups
Please note that choosing the right start group is very important. If you are going to walk during the race, you are not allowed to enter the starting groups 1-2.

The groups are:
13:00 / 1. start, Advanced runners (running the whole route under 1 h, signing up at the information desk)
13:05 / 2. start, Runners (running the whole route, about 1h)
13:10 / 3. start, Joggers (running or jogging the whole route, about 1,5h)
13:20 / 4. start, Power walkers (walking the route, about 2h)
13:30 / 5. start, Walkers

Water stations
There are two water stations during the route. Please bring your own water bottle if needed.

Finish line
When finishing the run, please move on quickly and wait for a friend on the event area and not close to the finish line. You will get a picnic type lunch and Naisten Kymppi goodie bag after finishing (only with the participant bracelet)

For further questions, please contact